Lost a File?

Mistakes happen unfortunately. Not to worry, we are here for you. Maybe your computer crashed, or you accidentally deleted something, lost all of your valuable pictures, maybe you are a DJ and all of your music is gone. GigaTEK can recover it for you. For the past 5 years GigaTEK has been successfully recovering files for many of our customers. From Tablets to Computers or even Smartphones – GigaTEK is here. 

Backups are Important

Backups are very important to have. No matter if you are a business or just a computer user – we all have important files on our computer. To save the headache of losing them; why not back it up? 

Virus and Malware Removal

We get sick and with the right medications and rest we get better. So does the IT world. Every day hundreds and thousands of computers are being infected; simply by opening a spam email, browsing the internet, looking at a web advertisement or even seeing false errors saying that a specific “Plug-In” is required. At GigaTEK we have many tools that our IT department has and with our service we attack the root of the problem. Once we find out what type of Virus it is, we remove it and make sure you are much safer than the day before.  

Antivirus Installation

Having an Antivirus is your shield that protects you when you browse the internet. With the right Antivirus, we can make sure you are fully protected and ready. This service provides you with the best Antivirus for your system and also installs and configures it for you.