Downtime is NOT an option.

Data is everywhere. Protecting it is everything.

Ransomware Protection

Attackers target SMBs with limited in-house IT support through social engineering schemes that leave a business without access to its own data.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business against unknown risks with frequent backups of your entire business infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

If disaster strikes, recover your data, servers, desktops, and the entire infrastructure to a virtual environment in seconds.

Cloud-to-Cloud SaaS Backup

Simply, securely, and automatically maintain control of your SaaS data, even if it lives on someone else’s cloud.

Suppose Your Server Crashed

What is your game plan? Is it even possible to eliminate downtime?

The Answer is YES

A Disaster can occur at any time of the day. It creeps up on your business. A disaster can come in the form of a simple coffee spill, a flood, a hurricane or even getting hit with a virus. How can you protect your business? GigaTEK LLC is here to show you the many ways in which you can. We can show you how to possibly eliminate your company downtime so you can sit back like nothing ever happened.

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